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About LoBue 

The LoBue Group is an international consulting firm serving the financial services industry. At LoBue there's only one kind of business solution - one that's designed with the foresight to achieve long-term performance improvement. We fulfill this commitment through how we service our clients. We don't tell our clients what should be done... we partner with clients and work with their strategies to identify what can be done. Together, we develop a course of action. And together, we achieve measurable results... real results. 

About LoBue Staff and Alumni

One can imagine the vast alumni organization from a practice started in 1981. We count among our alumni numerous Financial Services executives at many of the leading organizations globally. Among them there are several spinoff consulting practices and Presidents and CEOs in many industries including health care, human resources services, mortgage industry, collections, network processing, Hotel and Restaurant, Travel, Entertainment and more. There are over 525 LoBue Alumni living in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


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